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The Red Flags of Hiring

If you apply to a position, it's important you write an email that feels like a human wrote it and says what you’ve done in as a few words as possible. If you’re looking for a position at a startup, an agency, or something in the online industry, this list of hiring red flags may help you avoid ending up in the immediate ‘no’ pile.

IDE Plugins for Android Development

A curated list of Android Studio plugins by Linton Ye ...

Android Open Source Apps

In order to improve my skills on android development I always search for sample code and valueable apps from which learning new things. ...

From Monolith to Micro-Services

Micro-services are not (only) about technology

My Thoughts with Jekyll

I decided to update my site hosted on GitHub using GitHub Pages and Jekyll. I was curious about static site generators and I started my search through StaticGen ...