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My Thoughts with Jekyll

I decided to update my site hosted on GitHub using GitHub Pages and Jekyll. I was curious about static site generators and I started my search through StaticGen filtering for C# language.

I found Pretzel, written with C#. Pretzel follows the same conventions as Jekyll and should be compatible with basic Jekyll websites. So it’s usefull to test locally my site and to learn going around its code.

Then it was the moment to choose the theme. I started searching on Jekyll Themes and I tried different nice themes. But then I liked the theme of Saúl M. site. And I used his site as a base for creating the theme for mine. It’s the same except for the main color.


I discovered the same theme is used by Chris Banes site and is based on Hyde theme.

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Note to Self

There is also Static Site Generators site. It provides the whole list in JSON format. So it may be usefull for testing with MongoDB or as an endpoint for an Android sample app.

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