10 Kanban Smells - Pietro Campagnano - Crafted Software Milan

Pietro Campagnano racconta 10 Kanban Smells in un talk di Crafted Software

Trasformare la propria passione in una professione

Questo post di Jacopo Perfetti riassume bene il percorso per vivere delle proprie passioni.

#storiedidevelopers - Intervista a Gabriele Lana

Intervista a Gabriele Lana by Simone Torrisi di Fullstackish!

Il lavoro è una cosa seria

Il lavoro è una cosa seria, ma una può anche decidere di farlo divertendosi.

Pluralsight Free April

Pluralsight give access for free to its 7000+ video courses during April

Simple If/Else Razor Syntax

About error: Encountered end tag 'tr' with no matching start tag

DataTables Order option not working

When DataTables order option seems not to work

Mobile Development with Xamarin

Starting with Xamarin development following James Montemagno

Shape Up, basecamp team approach to product development

Jason Fried let us know Shape Up is available

Build a product without quitting your day job

My quotes from Aytekin Tank post on IndieHackers

Using Postgres with Docker on Windows

How I'm getting started learning Postgres, without installing it on my machine but using Docker instead

The Perils of Shiny New Objects

'Beware of shiny new objects' advice by Mark Suster

Using Architecture Components

This post is a note to self about a talk by Phil Shadlyn on Writing an App with Architecture Components

Bootstrapping a Side Project into a Product

This is an Indie Hackers story about a side project that become a product

Deploy ASP.NET Core 2 apps with Docker

This post is a note to self about my first steps in the path for learning to use Docker. I started deploying an asp.net core web api in a container.

About Pirate Metrics

Important metrics for a Service

Your job is not (only) to write code

Interesting point of view about improving the product developers work for

Getting Started with Spark Framework

Setting up a sample project using Spark Framework with Maven

Deploy a side project on AppHarbor

Deploy a simple side project on AppHarbor with some troubles.

Running MongoDB as a Docker container

Installing and creating a MongoDB database in a Docker container.

Preview GitHub Pages on Windows 10 with Vagrant

How to preview your GitHub Pages (Jekyll) on Windows 10 with Vagrant

Three tips from Antonio Leiva

Top three tips to become an expert developer by Antonio Leiva

Lessons of Good Design

What design means to Julie Zhuo

How to read a file and write it again with separate functions with node.js

I've found a nice solution for reading a file, be able to perform other operations with the read data and write it to another file.

More Android Open Source Apps

There are more android open source apps I found on the internet that are usefull to improve android development learning.

How to update a GitHub forked repository

I was looking for updating a forked repository and I found the answer on StackOverflow.

Restoring Factory Settings on Android Device

I was looking for restoring my old Samsung Galaxy S2 for using it as a test machine and here is how I made.

Android Dev Summit 2015

On November 23rd and 24th there has been the annual Android Dev Summit from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. This is a note-to-self about the related YouTube channel.

Basecamp The origin

To us project management was all about communication. None of the software makers at the time seemed to agree. So we decided to make our own.

Design Using Real Data

I believe one of the biggest flaws of today’s tools is their failure to allow designers to easily work with real data.

Visual Studio Project Type GUIDs

Everything started opening a Visual Studio 2010 Solution and getting the following error: 'The project type is not supported by this installation.'

Things learned at Imgur

A usefull list curated by Sam Gerstenzang about 16 product things he learned at Imgur.

Choose a license

A lot of repositories on GitHub.com don't have a license. GitHub provides a license chooser, but if you don't know anything about licenses, how are you supposed to make an informed decision?

From Google I/O 2015

The Google I/O 2015 keynote in 10 minutes.

The Red Flags of Hiring

If you apply to a position, it's important you write an email that feels like a human wrote it and says what you’ve done in as a few words as possible. If you’re looking for a position at a startup, an agency, or something in the online industry, this list of hiring red flags may help you avoid ending up in the immediate ‘no’ pile.

IDE Plugins for Android Development

A curated list of Android Studio plugins by Linton Ye ...

Android Open Source Apps

In order to improve my skills on android development I always search for sample code and valueable apps from which learning new things. ...

From Monolith to Micro-Services

Micro-services are not (only) about technology

My Thoughts with Jekyll

I decided to update my site hosted on GitHub using GitHub Pages and Jekyll. I was curious about static site generators and I started my search through StaticGen ...

Learning Javascript

This is a list of interesting links I collected with the goal of learning javascript.

The handstand theory

There are two ways to fall out of a handstand: down the way I came up or over the top into the unknown.

Android Studio 1.0

Android Studio 1.0 has been released. Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from the Android team.

Money as a by-product

About having a side project and turning it into something that is moderately successful; in particular, the challenge of making enough money to sustain the project and perhaps even elevating it from the sidelines so that it becomes something not so on the side at all. ...

Running a business you worth it

To be authentic is to be trustworthy. If you’re selling snake oil, or doing Internet Marketing just to make a lot of money, you’re not being authentic. You’re selling something falsely. And people will figure that out, no matter how hard you try. ...

Why Developers Should Understand Design

Why it is usefull for developers to understand desing.

Android ListView, show a message if the list is empty

This is the common way to show a message when the listview is empty.