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More Android Open Source Apps

Here are more Android open source apps I found on the internet that are usefull to improve Android development learning.

Iven Feed Reader

Iven news Reader is a light and modern Android feed reader that will allow You to read feeds in RSS format (the default blog is XDA). The app supports 2.3+ devices (minSdkVersion=9) and, thanks to support libs, provides Material theme/elements (Toolbar, material preferences) across all Android versions supported.

screenshot 1screenshot 2screenshot 3


Simple RSS Reader For Android - Here is an example application which should teach you how to work with RSS feeds on Android. In the interest of helping, I’ve commented literally everything relevant to understanding what exactly is going on (it is a demo, after all). It doesn’t include anything flashy, but it’s fairly simple to change to allow a user to input their desired feed, and to make it look better.

screenshot 1screenshot 2screenshot 3

Avengers App

This project aims to work as a demo project and reference using the common frameworks and tools used in production enviroments.

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ribot app Android

The official ribot app for android. It follows the architecture, tools and guidelines that we use when developing for the Android platform (https://github.com/ribot/android-guidelines)

screenshot 1



Munch is an android app which enable the users to manage their Rss feeds. User can add new sources, manage them and view the article associated with the feeds.

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Wally is a fast and efficient open source wallpaper application for Android. Wally gets its source of images from Wallhaven. By scraping the website, it provides the user with a fast and smooth experience filled with subtle animations and a minimal design. The main goal of Wally is to provide the same functionality as the website but in a more mobile friendly way.

screenshot 1screenshot 2screenshot 3
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