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Using Architecture Components

Everything started from this interview Phil Shadlyn: I Wrote an App with Architecture Components by Android Dialogs.

Android Dialogs is a YouTube channel produced by Huyen Tue Dao and Chiu-Ki Chan where they have bite-sized conversations with people in the Android community.

After I did watch this interview, I was very curious about Phil Shadlyn’s talk. I found it on YouTube.

Phil Shadlyn - I Wrote an App Using Architecture Components… And Here’s How It Turned Out from Chicago Roboto 2018 (14 videos) - the conference was help on April, 12-13 2018 in Chicago.

I developed an app from scratch using all of the new Architecture Components – ViewModels and an MVVM architecture, Room to persist all the local data, and LiveData objects to easily and safely update the UI with automatic lifecycle handling. Join us as we discuss in detail what it’s like to use these new Architecture Components in a real world situation – we’ll talk about the problems they solved, the problems they created, and whether or not they’re the right choice for your next project.

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